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Welcome to Azlan, the pan-European value-added distribution business and Enterprise specialist within Europe’s No.1 Technology Distributor, Tech Data.

We are the go-to value-added distributor for partners seeking:

  • Strong growth and business development
  • A future driven by smart planning, insight and intelligence
  • To leverage the ‘Core’ and enable the ‘New’

Azlan is a strong partner in a fast changing IT landscape. We’re connecting partners to the new topics driving channel conversations including IoT, Hybrid Cloud and Next Generation Datacentres. We’re maximising partner IT transformation opportunities in: new solution provider ecosystems, fast evolving SI models and for proliferating MSPs. We’re driving collaboration because customers increasingly seek solutions, expertise and content from multiple sources and IT security solutions that cross former boundaries.

Smart planning, insight and intelligence underpin Azlan’s approach. We’re using data science and predictive analytics to support our partner community with powerful, actionable insights and highly targeted resources, ensuring they’re enabled to win business and pursue the right growth plans. For vendors we’re ensuring fast, focused go-to-market, connections to the right partners and optimised return-on-investment.

Growth will come from the new. It’s important to understand that going forward, growth will come from ‘New’ models of IT delivery such as cloud, hybrid IT, XaaS and the shift to subscription licensing. Azlan is committed to ensuring our partners are fully enabled to benefit in this environment, providing the right training and educational support and the right resources to fill the skills gaps as partners grow and develop. We’re constantly extending our vendor ecosystem to ensure partners can best meet dynamic customer needs.

At the same time we realise that today’s ‘Core’ business continues to underpin success, which is why we will continue to invest in the server, storage, networking, software and services business our partners rely on.

The right support to develop your business. Take a faster route to profitable business by leveraging Azlan’s wide range of value-added services, from Finance and Education (TD Channel Academy), through to Solutions Architecture, Technical Support and Marketing. Supplement your sales capabilities with Azlan’s extensive General and Global Sales expertise. Bring solutions to life for POC, training and demonstrations in any of Azlan’s four European Business Solution Centres.

Being part of Tech Data (Forbes500 #108) means Azlan offers global reach, significant economies of scale and access to a rich ecosystem of vendors, resources and expertise. Azlan alone employs close to 1000 staff across 17 European Countries. We achieved sales of US$3.7BN in FY16, and an exceptional 10.4% growth rate over the same period. We’re working with over 36000 partners across Europe and offer more than 100 vendor certifications.

Azlan embraces the role of Business Development. Whatever size or type of partner you are, Azlan offers a partnership focused on accelerating your business growth and making the right future investment choices. We provide tailored business development support to value-added resellers, proven and aspiring service providers and systems integrators.

It’s time to stop wondering ‘what if’ when it comes to envisioning and building your future business, with Azlan you can ‘Be there now’, take a quick look at our business manifesto to find out more, then contact your Azlan account manager to discuss how we can help to grow your business today.

Azlan. Be there now.

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