Whilst we excel at getting the basics right, with a excellent pedigree for price competitiveness, logistics and support, Azlan goes beyond the traditional value-added distribution model. We recognise that for our channel community future growth will come from the new models of IT delivery that are redefining our industry, connecting partners to the new topics driving channel conversations including IoT, Hybrid Cloud and Next Generation Datacentres.

In the fast changing IT landscape Azlan is working hard to help partners make the right investment choices, go-to-market confidently and acquire the skills necessary to transform their business model and grow profitably. We work closely with partners committed to business development, delivering the right strategy for your specific organisational needs.

We believe today’s most successful IT environments are characterised by open solutions, in multi-vendor environments yet close closely converged to drive innovation, efficiencies, performance and savings. To facilitate this Azlan delivers powerful networks and ecosystems across and between partners, vendors and other channel stakeholders. We will help you connect to, and collaborate with, the right people and resources to best answer any customer IT brief, because customers are increasingly seeking solutions, expertise and content from multiple sources and IT security solutions that cross vendor and technology boundaries.

We’re already working successfully with over 70,000 partners across Europe, from resellers to all types of Service Providers, Systems Integrators, ISVs and other niche and specialist businesses. From the smallest operation to the largest enterprise, Azlan has a proven track record working with all size and types of partner.

How can Azlan help you?

  • Plug directly into Azlan’s specialist partner support teams, who work closely together to streamline your sales and profitability. Engage with Azlan: Solutions Architects, Technical Support specialists, Marketing and Sales support throughout the opportunity lifecycle

  • TD Channel Academy is an award winning online training and education platform, designed specifically to support partner development across sales, technical and soft skills. Connect to a enjoyable, gamified learning environment that makes training fun and enables your team to develop alongside their colleagues and peers. Bite size learning modules mean your team can engage the Academy without disrupting business operations.

  • Use Azlan’s four European Business Solutions Centres to bring solutions to life for your customers. Our BSC team will help you deliver a range of services including proof of concept, solution demonstration and customer training.

  • Azlan’s Financial specialists can help you to arrange funding for even the most challenging customer requirements, helping you unlock opportunities previously denied by funding constraints.

Ask your local Azlan account team for more information about how we can help you to plan and deliver the most profitable business today, whilst also positioning your business to maximise growth and returns in the future.

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