Internet of Things

Perhaps as revolutionary as the advent of the web itself, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionise the way people live and work. Connecting everyday objects from the datacentre to the living room such that they can communicate over a network and take action without human intervention creates massive opportunities and challenges for every size and type of business.

Tech Data is investing in partner enablement for Internet of Things. We’ve combined core vendors and reference architectures to create a broad IoT Ecosystem offering: multichannel distribution at scale, e2e solution selling, lead generation, an IoT marketplace and a billing platform.

Tech Data Advanced Solutions is also connecting partners to a range of vertical solutions each delivering: completeness, interoperability, certifications and security. We’re also supporting partners with IoT: skills training, sales positioning and vendor alignment.

We’ll support you with any type of IoT opportunity, from managing IPV6 addresses to controlling security, Tech Data Advanced Solutions is ready to help you and your customers to profit from IoT.

Talk to your Tech Data Advanced Solutions account manager to find out more.

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